Our Staff

Our teachers are native Chinese Mandarin speakers and all have college degrees with many skills and experiences in early childcare education. They do not view themselves as the children’s teachers but also co-learners. They play with the children as well as observe the children, listen and ask children open-ended questions to encourage them to express their thoughts and creativity.

Bruce Huang
Chief Operating Officer

Bruce has extensive experience in language and culture studies. He has received a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Cultures at Washington State University and is currently completing his Master’s in Interpretation and Translation from Shanghai International Studies University. Bruce is a one and half generation Chinese American who grew up in America. He understands exactly what children needs in order to overcome the barriers of learning a second language at a young age. Having self-taught in his proficiency in Chinese – fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese – he worked hard to keep up while going to school for his Master's degree in China. Although not engaged directly our everyday activities, he works behind the scenes to ensure our program delivers to the best of its effectiveness by picking out the books we use, assisting with the curriculum design and answering emails.

Lan Zhang
Founder & Director of Sunny Language Academy

Ms. Zhang was born and raised in China, a native Chinese Mandarin speaker who speaks both English and Chinese. She has over 17 years of experiences in working with children from ages six month to 12 yeas old. In the past, She has worked as a Chinese Mandarin teacher at several of the local Chinese Language Immersion Schools and Seattle Elementary School. She is caring, friendly, honest, and passionate educator. She earned Early Childhood Education degree from Bellevue College. In her free time she likes to run, hike, kayak, cook, fish, and read. Her favorite Children's book is the “Sheep In a Jeep”. She strongly believes that loving and building good relationships with children and knowing their cultural backgrounds is the key to a child’s success in learning.

“Friendship is a horizon – which expands whenever we approach It.” -- E.R. Hazlip